Are you an Ostrich?

How many times have you just felt like you wanted to hide your head in a hole in the ground and stay there for a moment? Perhaps even for a day or you even started to feel good and protected in that sad hole and felt like staying there a little longer?

Or perhaps you wished you were an actual ostrich so you could get away with doing it all day long?

Many times in our travel, that we call life, we feel this way; trapped, blind. We just see the dark side, and see no lights, not even a tiny little bit...

I bet you have felt this way before. Call it ostrich or the object or animal or metaphor you feel that speaks to you the most...

But you're probably asking, "How can I overcome this feeling?". Well, it can be pleasant for a while but then what? Are we going to stay there forever? Are we going to miss what's happening outside? Hopefully no, right?

I've heard so many times stories of people saying, "I don't know where to go...", "I don't know what to do...", "I don't like what I am doing...", "I hate my life...", "I don't like my job but I want a change...", "I wish things were different..." 

But they sill stick with putting their heads in that hole! Reading this makes you want to shout to them, do something to change it!! RIght? Or is that just me?

I felt this way too, lost...but I can guarantee you that this can change...

Here are a few little tips that can help you to take your head out of the hole and start looking at the beautiful landscape we have surrounding 

1. Take your head out of the hole. I know, it might be scary, but just stick with me on this one.

2. Look around, act as you were a curious little kid, sometimes we can be surprised of what we have just beside us.

3. Talk about how you feel with someone, the big problem probably is not as big as you think. So say it out loud.

4. Write down your dreams, your goals, how do you feel about them...? And yes, you can think and dream BIG!

5. What are you afraid of? what makes you hide your head in that comfy humid stinky dark hole? this point will take some time to do it, but take your time, looking at our inner demons, face to face, is not a thing we like to do... At least most people.

6. Look for solutions, we can get stuck in that miserable place without giving a chance to think about solutions and options... and believe me, there are always options! 

7. Project yourself where you want to be. Where do you want to go? How would want your life to be if there were no obstacles?

8. Breathe, breathe, and breathe again... And breath some more.

9. Exercise, endorphines will make you feel good. That's a fact.

10. Smile.

Hope you are smiling and seeing a bit of light if you were in that hole. If not I recommend to do points 2,4,7,8,9 and 10 just to see what happens!

Keep flowing